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Bush Brothers & Company

Description:  2002 Office Addition (25,300 sq. ft.)

                        2011 Warehouse Expan. (237,000 sq. ft.)

                        2013 Hydro Heat Recovery Project

Location:  Augusta, WI

Architect:  Ayres Associates, Inc.

                    Eau Claire, WI

APEX Design Services:




2002 Project Features:

  • 50% of the building heating is with recovered process waste heat

  • Heat recovery and reclaimed heat tempers all ventilation air

  • 50,000 CFM process make-up air tempered with reclaimed waste heat.  No new energy is used.

  • Individual space temperature control

  • Sidewalk and patio snow melt system fueled by 100% recovered heat

  • Process speed increased due to elimination of excess heat in cooling canals

  • Reduced treated process water usage by 250,000 gallons per week

2011 & 2013 Project Features:

  • Custom engineered low temperature (100°F) system to maximize heat recovery potential

  • Automatic variable building pressurization

  • Large scale low horsepower space destratification

  • Gas and diesel fume detection and custom engineered ventilation system.

  • Direct Digital Control (DDC) and monitoring of entire facility

  • 30,000 gallon LP system

  • 20 psig natural gas distribution

  • Enclosed rail dock

  • Battery charging area safety systems

  • Process water piping design



APEX Engineering received the 2006 Sustainability and Energy Efficiency Leadership Award for work on the 2002 Bush Brothers Beans Employee and Office Facility Addition; completed in 2004. This project used an innovative approach to reclaim waste heat from the baked bean processing line to heat the entire new complex when process work was on-going, as well as heat sidewalks and patios. Snow melting on sidewalks and patios saved ice melting chemicals, which would have been used for clearing snow, as well as providing a safer walking surface for employees and visitors. This system also increased process production by reducing heat build-up in the process which had been problematic for the nationwide manufacturer of baked bean products and other canned vegetables. 

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