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APEX Engineering can help design an HVAC, Electrical and Plumbing building system to suit your needs and budget.

Engineering Services

  • Site Investigation

  • Existing System Analysis

  • Preliminary Design Concepts and Planning

  • Budgeting and Construction Cost Estimates

  • System Design and Specifications

  • Construction Administration/Observation

  • As-Built/Record Drawings


  • Geothermal Systems

  • VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) Energy Recovery Systems

  • Chilled Water and DX (Refrigerant) Systems

  • Hot Water Heating Systems, including In-floor Warming/Heating

  • Steam Heating Systems

  • Air Handling Units

  • Heat Pumps

  • Rooftop Units and Furnaces

  • General, Industrial, Vehicle and Kitchen Exhaust Systems

  • Energy Recovery Systems (Air and Water)

Mechanical (HVAC)


  • Building Power Systems Design

  • Electrical Riser Diagrams

  • Lighting Design and Modeling, including Site Lighting

  • Lighting Control Design

  • Egress Lighting Design and Calculations

  • Fire Alarm Design

  • Emergency and Optional Standby Power Systems

  • Utility Coordination (Utility Dependent)

  • Coordination and Integration with Renewable Energy Vendors

  • Infrastructure for Low Voltage Systems



  • Domestic Hot and Cold Water Systems

  • Non-Potable Water Systems

  • Rain Leader/Storm Drain Piping Systems

  • Sanitary and Vent Systems

  • Grease Waste Systems

  • Natural and Propane Gas Piping Systems

  • Compressed Air Piping Systems

  • Performance Specifications for Fire Protection Systems

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