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Jack Link's

Description:  HVAC Analysis and Engineered Revisions

Building:  Multiple

Year Provided:  2014-2015

Location:  Minong & New Glarus, WI

APEX Design Services:


Engineering Provided:

  • Performed air movement studies in each facility which produced a graphic representation of air migration between spaces/occupancies related to open food product storage and processing, enclosed processing, packaging, and cleaning functions.  The purpose of the studies was to identify needed mechanical revisions to improve asepsis control.

  • Analyzed, recommended, and designed operating environmental controls to improve large-scale meat smoking operations common to multiple facilities in two states.  The purpose was to stabilize product humidity and throughput cycles.

  • Analyzed and engineered a modern solution for obsolete component clean-up areas to reduce fogging and correct pressurization problems.

  • Analyzed and engineered the solution to large-scale meat product production area problems related to post clean up surface condensation. This problem had been delaying production.

  • A new production cooling and ventilation system was designed to allow ideal processing temperatures and pressure relationships, as well as a separate system to allow proper ventilation during clean up and post clean up drying of the production space.

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