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Jackson County Courthouse

Description:  2-Story Addition

Addition Size:  9,500 square feet

Year Constructed:  2016

Location:  Black River Falls, WI

Architect:  Ayres Assocates

                    Eau Claire, WI

APEX Design Services:





  • Coordination of secure prisoner areas with MPE equipment.

  • 911 dispatch center with redundant HVAC systems and emergency power.

  • VAV indoor air handling unit with hot water heat and DX cooling.

  • Courtroom occupancy sensors for reduced energy usage for both lighting and HVAC.

  • Air-to-air energy recovery unit for ventilation and exhaust.

  • Coordinated site utilities, including revising overhead power lines to underground.

  • New emergency generator.

  • Electrical infrastructure and raceways for owner's security requirements.

  • Fire alarm system

  • New natural gas meter.  New gas piping to feed existing building systems.

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