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Lincoln County Government Center

Description:  New Construction

Building Size:  42,000 square feet

Year Constructed:  2008

Location:  Merrill, WI

Architect:  Ayres Associates

                    Eau Claire, WI

APEX Design Services:





  • Multiple HVAC system types to maximize energy recovery and minimize energy usage in spaces that are periodically occupied

  • Hot water heating and DX cooling systems for VAV air handling systems

  • Air-to-water heat pumps and computer room units for boardroom, stairwells and I.T. spaces

  • High efficiency boilers in primary-variable flow configuration

  • Air-to-air energy recovery ventilation systems

  • Emergency power

  • Site (Parking lot) lighting

  • Fire alarm system

  • Cable tray system

  • I.T. UPS system

  • Door security infrastructure

  • Fire protection

  • Natural gas system

  • Roof/Storm drainage system

  • Electric tank and tankless style domestic water heaters

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