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Gold'n Plump (Pilgrim's Pride)

Description:  2008/2010 Additions and Remodeling

                        New poultry processing facilities

Building Size:  20,000 square feet

Location:  Arcadia, WI

Architect:  Ayres Associates, Inc.

                    Eau Claire, WI

APEX Design Services:





  • Project phased over three construction periods

  • Process exhaust and ventilation systems including building pressurization

  • Low-temperature (34°F) glycol cooling system

  • Cleanable and accessible stainless steel ducts

  • Relocation of dual gas systems

  • Freezer floor defrost system

  • Process water and drain

  • Building and process electrical engineering

Additional Projects:

  • 1999/2013 Live bird intake building

  • 2006 Natural gas system verification and modifcations

  • 2009 Waste treatment and recovery additions

  • 2010 Glycol system review and modifications

  • 2014 Facility-wide process water safety verification and record drawings

  • 2015 Shipping cooler and office addition

  • 2018 Chemical room ventilation

  • 2019 Process blower environment

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