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St. Croix County Highway Building

Description:  New Construction

Building Size:  135,700 square feet (main building)

                           60,000 sq ft (unheated storage bldg.)

                           22,000 sq ft (salt storage building)

Year Constructed:  2019

Location:  Baldwin, WI

Architect:  CBS Squared, Inc

                    Chippewa Falls, WI

APEX Design Services:





  • Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system with high efficiency boilers and fluid cooler.  Design includes allowances for connection of future geothermal wells

  • High efficiency, low temperature boiler heating systems

  • Hot water in-floor heating throughout wash bay and maintenance repair areas.  Slab tempering provided around perimeter of office area

  • Overhead radiant heat in vehicle storage areas

  • Air-to-air energy recovery unit for office area ventilation and restroom exhaust

  • Vehicle areas provided with central exhaust and ventilation systems with automatic controls

  • Fabric air dispersion systems in storage and maintenance areas

  • Energy efficient ceiling fans in high-bay areas to eliminate air stratification issues.

  • Exhaust fans utilize Electronically Commutated (EC) motors

  • LED interior lighting

  • LED exterior lighting

  • Fire alarm system

  • Emergency and optional standby power systems

  • Fire protection system

  • Truck/Vehicle washing and detailing system

  • Natural gas and compressed air systems

  • High efficiency gas-fired domestic water heaters

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