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The Lismore Hotel

Description:  Renovation & Remodel

Building Size:  86,400 square feet

Years Constructed:  2014-2016

Location:  Eau Claire, WI

Contractor:  Bartingale Mechanical, Inc.

                       Eau Claire, WI

APEX Design Services:




  • High efficiency boilers  in primary-secondary flow configuration

  • Packaged gas/electric rooftop units and indoor VAV air handling units with split system air conditioning provide heating and cooling to public spaces

  • Standalone PTAC units provide heating and cooling for guest rooms

  • Rooftop mounted indirect-fired makeup air unit with air-to-air energy recovery provides ventilation and exhaust for guest rooms

  • Penthouse suites utilize a high efficiency gas-fired furnace and heat pumps with split system cooling

  • Commercial kitchen with multiple type 1 grease hoods with roof exhaust and fire suppression

  • Exterior grease interceptor tank

  • Natural gas system

  • High efficiency gas-fired domestic water heaters

  • All new plumbing fixtures throughout

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